Day 10 Gift Idea: Farm Tools and Fruit Trees

CHICAGO, IL (December 10, 2018) – Throughout the Advent season, Covenant Newswire is highlighting daily gift selections from the CovenantCares giving guide. Through the free annual catalog, Covenanters can partner with brothers and sisters around the globe to give gift donations that will help serve communities and advance God’s work in many areas.

Today we highlight Serve Globally and Covenant World Relief’s work to help people develop sustainable agriculture. One example is the Centre d’Expérimentation et de Formation Agricole (CEFA) in Central African Republic, a nation the United Nations has labeled the second most undeveloped country in the world.

CEFA’s goal is to improve food security in the region by increasing the quality and quantity of nutritious foods produced by small farmers.

Although there is often a danger of rebel violence, the people being helped by CEFA in the town of Gamboula have shown a determination to improve their lives and the lives of their neighbors. “I’m able to take care of my four children thanks to the small garden work I have here at the CEFA farm,” said Anick, who is a participant. “I’ve even started a little business.”

Your gift will help provide tools, seeds, and fund agricultural research. This and other missional gift-giving options are available now through CovenantCares Gifts for Mission. Please join us in advancing the mission.

For more on the work of CEFA, follow the blog of missionaries Roy and Aleta Danforth.

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