Day 8 Gift Idea: Build Up Established Churches

CHICAGO, IL (December 8, 2018) – Throughout the Advent season, Covenant Newswire is highlighting daily gift selections from the CovenantCares giving guide. Through the free annual catalog, Covenanters can partner with brothers and sisters around the globe to give gift donations that will help serve communities and advance God’s work in many areas.

Today we highlight Congregational Vitality. Through Congregational Vitality, the ECC helps established churches to recognize their current reality, address their underlying culture, understand changing dynamics, and develop and implement effective ministry plans. The process includes bringing conferences, workshops, one-on-one coaching, and other tools directly into local churches to assist them in becoming healthy, missional congregations.

Congregational Vitality has helped churches of all sizes to dream bigger, reach more people for Christ, and deepen members’ relationships with Jesus. One pastor noted that the materials, provide “visionary perspective and the necessary nuts and bolts to emerge with a detailed, attainable strategy to reach toward or full kingdom potential in Christ.”

Another said, “The coaching experience has provided me with a wealth of tools that I can draw from in fulfilling my call as pastor. The weekly calls with my coach were very practical and could address very ‘real’ and very ‘now’ issues in my day to day work.”

This and other missional gift-giving options are available now through CovenantCares Gifts for Mission. Please join us in advancing the mission

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