Day 5 Gift Idea: New Bridges

CHICAGO, IL (December 5, 2018) – Throughout the Advent season, Covenant Newswire is highlighting daily gift selections from the CovenantCares giving guide. Through the free annual catalog, Covenanters can partner with brothers and sisters around the globe to give gift donations that will help serve communities and advance God’s work in many areas.

Today we are highlighting the work of the Covenant Church of Congo (CEUM) in building vital bridges in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The CEUM is hoping to repair seven bridges between Karawa and Loko. At times in the past the bridges, some of which were made with logs tied together or simply set side by side, could not hold vehicles carrying vital medicines and supplies. This is a key national route that will increase transportation and provide better access to markets, ports, hospitals, clinics, and other facilities.

The church, which is being assisted by the Paul Carlson Partnership, has a proven bridge design, a proven construction team, and materials in place. The only piece of the puzzle missing is the remaining funding needed to begin construction. The bridges will mean new opportunities to develop businesses as well as share the gospel. The accompanying video footage, which was filmed using a drone, shows the completed Mbulhgela Bridge.

This and other missional gift-giving options are available now through CovenantCares Gifts for Mission. Please join us in advancing the mission.

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