Latest CovCast Explores ‘Extraordinary Evangelism’

CHICAGO, IL (November 26, 2018) – The latest episode of CovCast, the podcast of The Covenant Companion, features an interview with Covenant pastor John Teter about his recent book, The Power of the 72: Ordinary Disciples in Extraordinary Evangelism.

Teter, pastor of Fountain of Life Covenant Church in Long Beach, California, says the greatest problem in the New Testament isn’t sin but a shortage of willing evangelists. In a conversation with CovCast hosts Cathy Norman Peterson and Ed Gilbreath he offers listeners tips for overcoming their fears about evangelism.

“A mantra that I try to live by and teach our church is this: the more you know, the less you fear,” says Teter.

He explains that knowing a few simple dynamics about human behavior and the role of the Holy Spirit can relieve a lot of our anxiety around sharing the gospel. He also shares four intentional practices that anyone can employ in order to become a more confident evangelist.

All four episodes of the CovCast can be found here. Listeners also can subscribe to the feed using Apple Podcasts and other podcast apps, or search for “CovCast” at the iTunes store, Spotify, and other services. Episodes highlight the many facets of the ECC, from dynamic ministry happening in local churches and throughout the world to the latest resources and initiatives from Covenant Offices.


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