Ciccone to Oversee Young Adult Ministry

CHICAGO, IL (November 9, 2018) – Tim Ciccone has been named director of youth and young adult ministry within the Make and Deepen Disciples (MDD) mission priority. The position is an expansion of his role as director for youth ministry, which he has held for five years.

The expansion follows the recommendation from a consultation of ECC stakeholders held in February that centered on ministry needs and opportunities for adults between the ages of 18 and 30.

“One of the key recommendations of the 2018 young adult ministry consultation was for the ECC to do more to resource local churches in their young adult outreach and discipleship efforts,” said Michelle Sanchez, MDD executive minister. “Jesus invested three years of ministry discipling a group of twelve young adults—most of the disciples were probably younger than 30 years old. We want to follow Jesus’s lead, recognizing that young adults are the future of our movement.”

Sanchez said the change is an extension of the Covenant’s long commitment to young adult ministry. Most recently, the ECC has focused on Covenant Schools of Discipleship, which offer intensive discipleship opportunities across North America and around the world. These include Crux, a one-year discipleship opportunity at North Park University; Solid Rock, Acts29, and Alaska Christian College.

Reflecting on his expanded role, Ciccone said, “There is great potential for a seamless approach to ministry in our local churches between youth and young adult ministry across the denomination. My goal will be to collaborate with the incredible leaders we have in the church to help cast a denomination-wide vision to support local church efforts in reaching young adults. We must, together, do everything we can to reach and empower this emerging generation in the name of Jesus Christ.”

Ciccone will continue his responsibilities in Covenant Youth Ministry, which include providing oversight and collaboration on events and programs such as CHIC, BLESS for Youth, and the Journey confirmation curriculum, as well as other initiatives related to youth ministry.

The MDD team is asking churches to fill out a brief online survey to provide information about their local young adult ministry efforts and needs, as well as contact information for people leading those efforts. Questions, comments, or ideas related to ECC young adult ministry resourcing can be directed to




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  1. Great choice! So excited for the future of young adult ministry under Tim’s leadership!

  2. I believe this should be a natural transition for Mr.Ciccone and he will serve the need well. I commend the ECC for recognizing this ministry need and they have made a wise choice for leadership.

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