Episode 3: God Already Knows Their Stories

Kathy Khang, author of Raise Your Voice: Why We Stay Silent and When to Speak Up, on #MeToo and why the church must listen to women’s stories of sexual harassment and abuse; Covenant pastor Tim Rodgers reflects on what co-leading a church with a woman has taught him about the church’s ongoing challenge to fully accept women in pastoral leadership; Southeast Conference superintendent Catherine Gilliard (and Rodgers’s former co-pastor) shares her perspective on #MeToo and her feelings about being the first African American woman superintendent in the ECC (it may not be what you think). Plus: Dick Nelson of Lincoln, Nebraska, explains why he loves the Cov. Covenant Companion editors Ed Gilbreath and Cathy Norman Peterson are your hosts. Find out more about Kathy Khang at ivpress.com/raise-your-voice.

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