2019 Bethany Rates Announced

CHICAGO, IL (September 25, 2018) – Bethany Benefit Service health insurance rates for 2019 will increase 3 percent, and rates will remain the same for life and long-term disability insurance, it was announced today.

“Bethany Benefit Service continues to offer outstanding insurance coverage with yearly increases that are lower than industry trends,” said ECC treasurer and director of finance Paul Hawkinson. “While other plans often mask their cost containment in increased deductibles and copays, Bethany Benefit Service is not changing core coverage levels yet again in 2019, and is actually always working to increase benefits to make wellness easier for ECC pastors and staff.”

Bethany Benefits is adding enhancements to the plan that are designed to reduce members’ out-of-pocket expenses:

  • No copay for preventative visits
  • Increased dental maximum benefit
  • Electronic access to premium invoices

Bethany has added other enhancements in recent years:

  • SmartShopper: Pays you cash for “shopping” for certain tests and procedures
  • Teladoc: A telemedicine service that is free for members to use
  • Fitness Your Way: A fitness center membership program
  • Enhanced opioid abuse protection
  • Free maintenance programs for diabetes and pulmonary patients
  • Discounted three-month prescriptions at Walgreens pharmacies

“In comparing Bethany Benefit Service to others, it is important to remember the comprehensive variety and high-quality nature of coverage that is included in the health insurance rate,” Hawkinson said. He noted, “Low deductible Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO, prescriptions, dental, and vision are all included.” Also, if an employee has health coverage through another employer plan, such as their spouse’s employer, they can still enroll in life and long-term disability benefits.

The Bethany program provides coverage for pastors and staff of local Covenant churches, regional conferences, camps, Covenant Offices, missionaries, and other affiliates, as well as Covenant pastors who work for voluntary employers of the Covenant Pension Plan.

All eligible employers will be receiving a rate update package in the mail shortly. Churches or individuals interested in learning more about participation in the Bethany Benefits program may call Bethany Benefits personnel at (800) 313-8955 or email bethany@covchurch.org. Information also is available by visiting Bethany Benefit Service online.

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