Introducing CovCast, a New Podcast from the Covenant Companion

CHICAGO, IL (September 11, 2018) — The ECC’s flagship magazine, The Covenant Companion, has launched a new podcast called the “CovCast.” In each episode, the editors of the Companion highlight the people, stories, and ideas that make the Covenant a vibrant community of faith. “We want to celebrate and connect listeners to the amazing people and ministries that comprise the Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC),” says Ed Gilbreath, executive director of communications for the ECC. “We also want to gently remind folks of the beauty of being a part of a unique Christian community like the Covenant.”

Gilbreath says the idea for a Companion-branded podcast has been on his bucket list since he stepped into his Communications role in 2013. “We want folks to be able to experience the ministry of the Companion in multiple ways that fit into their daily lives—as a traditional print magazine, as an online publication, as a presence on Facebook and other social media, and now in the audio format of a podcast.”

He sees CovCast as a way to highlight the many facets of the ECC, from the dynamic ministry happening in local churches and on distant mission fields to the latest resources and initiatives from Covenant Offices.

“Podcasts offer us an opportunity to listen to each other—to our stories, to our struggles, to our God-inspired visions for new ministry,” Gilbreath says. “There will be plenty of talking, for sure, but most of all, we want the CovCast to be about listening.”

The first CovCast episode is now available here. Listeners also can subscribe to the feed using Apple Podcasts and other podcast apps, or search for “CovCasts” at the iTunes store, Spotify, and other services.

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  1. Such a good idea. Another is to communicate some of the other podcasts being produced by Covenant people, such as 5101 by Lars Stromberg.

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