Rahill Named Interim SCC Executive Minister

CHICAGO, IL (August 17, 2018) – Alex Rahill, ECC director of church planting, has been named interim executive minister of Start and Strengthen Churches.

The Executive Board made the decision based upon the recommendation of ECC president-elect John Wenrich, who has been serving in the role of executive minister since 2016.

In announcing the decision, president Gary Walter noted Rahill’s strong relationship with superintendents and regional directors of church planting. “Further, he is a big advocate for the cross-commitments between church planting and congregational vitality, which further reinforces stability and mission during an interim phase.”

Walter added, “That he and John already have a solid working relationship is advantageous to John’s transition as well.”

Rahill will continue to serve as director of church planting. It is not unusual for an interim appointment to maintain current responsibilities.

The Executive Board will form a nominating committee with the goal of presenting a nominee for election at the 2019 Annual Meeting next June. Executive minister search committees arise from the membership of the Executive Board.

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