Clergy Honored for Lifetime Service

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (June 23, 2018) – The Evangelical Covenant Church honored clergy with “Lifetime Service Recognition” awards during the denomination’s 133rd Annual Meeting today.

With so many ministers and missionaries who continue to serve in various capacities of ministry rather than retiring at 65, the ECC honors all clergy when they reach 65. Plaques were presented to clergy who were in attendance.

Clergy are honored at the conference level, and the denomination also provides recognition at the national level because many pastors retire from conferences in which they did not spend the majority of their ministry years.

The citation honors them for “lifetimes of faithful service and godly obedience.”

Dennis V. Anderson, Granby, Connecticut
Isolde K. Anderson, Holland, Michigan
Steven H. Annin, Tiburon, California
Conway G. Boyce, Brooklyn, New York
Anita L. Carey, Miami, Florida
Egbert Carey, Miami, Florida
Dennis K. Carlson, Farmington Hills, Michigan
James H. DeGrado, Orlando, Florida
H. Alan Eagle, McKenna, Washington
Donald C. Ebb, St. Paul, Minnesota
Thomas L. Ek, Galesburg, Illinois
J. Peter Erickson, Iron Mountain, Michigan
Susan G. Fabbro, Redwood City, California
Deborah J. Griffith-Samuels, Oak Park, Illinois
Florence E. Gustafson, Lynnwood, Washington
Keith R. Gustafson, Lynnwood, Washington
Timothy H. Heintzelman, Gahanna, Ohio
Donald J. Holmertz, Decorah, Iowa
Cynthia J. Hoover, Pompano Beach, Florida
Holly L. Hovestol, Arden Hill, Minnesota
Mark R. Hovestol, Arden Hill, Minnesota
Daniel F. Johnson, Hilmar, California
Don N. Johnson, Rochester, Minnesota
Robert W. Johnson, Turlock, California
Timothy L. Johnson, Chicago, Illinois
Byung-Du Jun, Eugene, Oregon
Glenn H. Kaiser, Chicago, Illinois
Mark T. Kelly, Duluth, Minnesota
John L. Kerl, Caluire, France
John W. Konieczko, Columbia, South Carolina
Jerry M. Kosanovich, Aurora, Minnesota
Thomas Miller, Zionsville, Indiana
Ken A. Moore, Fairbanks, Alaska
Mark A. Novak, Gig Harbor, Washington
David T. Olson, Plymouth, Minnesota
Josef Rasheed, DeSoto, Texas
Donald T. Robinson, Mt. Vernon, Washington
Helen D. Smith, DR Congo
Jeffrey A. Stewart, Hickory, North Carolina
Richard M. Taylor, Monroe, Washington
Timothy L. Theurer, Mariposa, California
Randall W. Thyberg, Eden Prairie, Minnesota
Manuel D. Valencia, Rialto, California
Dale S. Vallejo-Sanderson, Kailua, Hawaii
Anibal Vasquez, Bell Gardens, California

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  1. I am filled with gratefulness when I see these women and men honored. Lots of years of faithful, slugging it out in the trenches, compassionate, servant leadership represented there. Thank you.

    It also gives me pause and makes me count the years till I walk across. So many many people who do not yet know the Lord. We must keep “the necessity of the new birth” primary in our work.

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