Puna Covenant Church Safe – For Now

By James Engwall

PUNA, HI (May 12, 2018) – Puna Covenant Church is not currently threated by the eruption and volcanic fissures caused by Kilauea, but pastor Jack Snell said he and congregation members are monitoring the situation.

Pastor Jack and Mahi Snell

The volcanic fissures and other volcanic activity is at least 10 miles or more from the church property.  The volcanic activity situation can change quickly as molten lava flows tend to move underground and fissures can pop up anywhere along the way, Snell said.

Church members and attenders’ homes are scattered over the Puna area, which is somewhat rural.  In the larger Puna area at least 25 homes have thus far been set fire by the molten lava.

Snell asked Covenanters to pray that the church will find effective ways to help minister to the Puna community and comfort those that are experiencing stress of not knowing what to expect next.

Leaders of the Pacific Northwest and Pacific Southwest Conferences have offered any necessary assistance to Snell.

Kilauea erupted last week. Lava that reached temperatures of 2,200-degree burst through cracks in the Leilani Estates neighborhood and led to a 6.9 magnitude earthquake.

Hawaii Civil Defense leaders have warned residents near Kilauea that they may need to evacuate on short notice because the threat of a major explosion is increasing. Geologists are warning the explosion at the summit of Kilauea could be the largest in nearly 100 years and that it could spew boulder the size of refrigerators.

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