Big Q: What funny or endearing comments have you overheard in Sunday school?

You never know what kids might say, especially in church on a Sunday morning. Teaching kindergarten Sunday school, I’ve heard comments both cute and funny. Several years ago, at Edgebrook Covenant Church in Chicago, I was teaching an Easter lesson about Jesus rising from the dead, and a five-year-old boy brightened and proclaimed, “Yeah, and he does it every year, too!”

We’re certain that our readers have many such stories to share so the Companionis asking, What endearing comments have you overheard in Sunday school? Share your experience below or email



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  1. ” For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, and whoever believes in him shall not perish but have nocturnal life.” – One seven-year-old boy’s version of John 3:16

  2. We had a very “busy” Sunday school class. Our teacher called us peculiar treasures when things got wild. I have used that term now for a long time to describe the wild child or just for someone it fits. It certainly fit for us!

  3. One of our ministry leaders, Maggie, was teaching an object lesson on Jesus turning water into wine by flavoring clear water…the kids drank plain clear water, then after the “power” of the blender had flavored clear water and they exclaimed, “We’re drinking WINE in Sunday School!!!!!”

  4. I was team teaching in a second grade Sunday School class.
    Another teacher asked the class, Does anyone know what Lent is?
    A quiet boy who rarely participated, raised his hand excitedly.
    Lent is the stuff you find in your belly button!
    It took me and the other teachers a few seconds to realize that he had mistaken Lent for lint.
    I do not remember a single application from that whole year of team teaching. But that answer is branded into my memory – memorable more than thirty years later.

  5. In a Sunday school class, we were reading from the Bible and talking about the fact the Moses wrote parts of the old testament. Katie looked at the printing in her bible and said, “And he wrote very small.”

    One Sunday I was singing with my 2 and 3 year old class. We sang The B.I.B.L.E and I asked “what does that spell?” To which one of my students yelled, “Pizza!”

  6. I was teaching on communion and told the kids it’s also called “Eucharist”. A 3rd grade girl raised her hand and asked “does that have something to do with a uterus?”

  7. I was teaching them to sing “Lord prepare me to be a sanctuary, pure and holy, tried and true.” I asked, “Who knows what a sanctuary is?” I was told it was place where they keep dead people. There was no dissuading this child.

  8. Years ago, when one of my little nephews heard the story of the ccrucifixion, he got very agitated an asked, “are the bad guys in jail now!!!”😄

  9. I asked my son he talked about in Sunday School and he answered “The 10 Duel Commandments. First they were words, then they wrote a song about them!”

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