T.W. Anderson Award Nominations Being Accepted

CHICAGO, IL (March 5, 2017) — Nominations are now being accepted for the Theodore (T.W.) Anderson Award, presented each year by the Evangelical Covenant Church.

Ray Baloun was the 2016 recipient of the T.W. Anderson Award.

The award is named in honor of the only lay president of the Evangelical Covenant Church. It is presented during each year’s Annual Meeting and honors a layperson who:

Has demonstrated a life of commitment and dedication to Christ and the church.

Has been a member of the Covenant Church for at least 10 years.

Has provided outstanding service to the local church and community for more than 20 years.

Nominations are due April 2. Nomination forms can be completed and submitted online or downloaded and submitted by email, fax at (773) 784-2289, or mail to the T.W. Anderson Award Committee, 8303 West Higgins Road, Chicago, IL 60631.

If forms are submitted online, please be advised that any reference letters or additional notes should be submitted by email, fax, or mail to the committee at the address provided.

Recipients have been honored since 1985:

2017    Douglas Lunde , Great Lakes Conference

2016    Ray Baloun, Canada Conference

2015    David Swanson, Northwest Conference

2014    Lou Sutter, Central Conference

2013    Anna Parks, Pacific Southwest Conference

2012    Roger and Joanne Olsen, Central Conference

2011    Marvin Branstrom, Pacific Southwest Conference

2010    Samuel Alvarado, Great Lakes Conference

2009    Robert and Oreta Bentz, Northwest Conference

2008    Clarence & Melvenia Moore, Southeast Conference

2007    Robert & Jerri Saunders, North Pacific Conference

2006    Raymond & Doris Johnson, Great Lakes Conference

2005    Orville, Virginia & David Roen, Central Conference

2004    Dean & Adele Nelson, Northwest Conference

2003    Melton Nygren, Pacific Southwest Conference

2002    Arlan & Bonnie Anderson, North Pacific Conference

2001    Virginia M. Nyquist, East Coast Conference

2000    Ernest M. Berkas, Great Lakes Conference

1999    Dennis M. Roesler, Northwest Conference

1998    Verna H. Fogel, Central Conference

1997    Warren “Thomps” Thompson, Pacific Southwest Conference

1996    Marion Lofgren Larson, Northwest Conference

1995    Stephen Stewart, Pacific Southwest Conference

1994    Arthur T. Morimitsu, Central Conference

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