March/April Cov Sparks Now Available

CHICAGO, IL (March 5, 2018) — The COV Sparks downloadable discussion guide is now available for the March/April issue of The Covenant Companion. Based on articles from the current issue of the magazine, COV Sparks provides stimulating questions for Sunday-school classes, small-group discussions, and personal reflection.

Articles highlighted in this latest edition include:

Catastrophic Grace” by Stan Friedman
We talked to Covenanters from five communities that are still reeling in the aftermath of natural disasters. From the hurricanes that slammed Houston, Orlando, and Puerto Rico to the Santa Rosa Tubbs Fire and the devastating mudslide in Montecito, Covenanters across the denomination are extending God’s love in the aftermath of unimaginable destruction and loss.

Ashes of Lent” by Scott Peterson
A familiar Bible story reminded Covenant pastor Scott Peterson that God is with us even in the tragedy of California’s wildfires.

Jesus in the Mocking Robe” by Karen Hinz
What happens when our majestic God show up in rags? Karen Hinz explores her tendency to want to focus on a majestic God whose robes fill the temple in Isaiah’s vision—and our need to instead focus on the Jesus of Lent.

Compass Bearings: Aspiration Discipleship” by Gary Walter
The ECC’s retiring president reflects on twenty-seven years of service to the Covenant.

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