Big Q: What are your favorite sayings / advice from your parents?

by Linda Sladkey

I just spent the weekend with my parents, which always sends me down memory lane-especially regarding my favorite things they used to say when I was a kid. Before I would go out with friends, Mom would often say, “Keep your nose clean.” I’m still not sure what that meant. She also scolded my brothers, “You’re gonna fool around until someone gets hurt!”

Dad tended to offer more practical advice: “Measure twice, cut once.” He taught me the importance of showing up for family funerals and celebrations because, “If something important is happening in the family, that’s where you need to be.”

Some parental warnings and advice are downright funny: “If you fall off and break your leg, don’t come running to me.” “Be home by 11:00. Nothing good happens after 11:00.”

The Companion wants to hear your dadisms and momisms – witty or wise. What are your favorite sayings or advice from your parents? Comment below or email

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  1. My dad, whose favorite color was “sky-blue-pink,” would admit that “life is but an empty bow of cherries.” Then, in the same breath, he admitted that “everyday’s a holiday!” I recall him telling me that “holiday” actually came from the two words, “holy” and “day.” I remember his words and sense of humor so that I may tell others to look for the sky-blue-pinks in the sunrises and sunsets of their lives and that everyday is holy!

  2. Favorite dadism which is now being said to grandchildren as they return to college from time at home: Be safe, study hard, and have fun, in that order!

  3. If you do it fast enough, you’ll have time to do it again. (Take your time and do it right the first time.) Nana-ism

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