Covenanter Dedicated as Child by Graham

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (February 21, 2018) – There were countless numbers of people who came to Christ at Billy Graham crusades, but Covenant pastor Stephanie Williams O’Brien was dedicated as a child by the evangelist.

O’Brien’s father, Bob Williams, was a longtime vice president of international ministries for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association until he died in 2000. The Graham and O’Brien families were close.

O’Brien, who is pastor of Mill City Church, said in an extended interview with Minnesota Public Radio this morning that, “[Billy Graham] was focused so much on what he was for when a lot of Christian leaders even today are more focused on what they’re against. He focused so much on what he was for, and that was people knowing Jesus and having a relationship with him. That’s why I think he was able to be so influential with so many leaders, so many presidents, so many leaders around the world.”

O’Brien’s mother, Karen Williams, is a member and leader at Redeemer Covenant in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.


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