Tuesday Deadline for Develop Leaders Executive Minister Submissions

CHICAGO, IL (February 9, 2018) – Tuesday, February 13, is the deadline to submit applications and nominations for the position of executive minister of the Covenant’s Develop Leaders mission priority, which provides leadership for the Ordered Ministry of the Evangelical Covenant Church.

The ECC’s Ordered Ministry and its board invests in the personal and vocational development of ECC clergy, including processes of credentialing; life-long learning; and care and discipline. The executive minister role functions within all applicable provisions of the ECC Constitution and Bylaws as well as the Rules for the Ordered Ministry of the church.

According to the Bylaws, the Nominating Committee of the Board of Ordered Ministry will narrow selections to one candidate to be elected at the Annual Meeting in June during Gather in Minneapolis.

More information, including a full job description and application details, is posted online at covchurch.org and can be downloaded.

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