Gilliard’s Book Receiving Rave Reviews

CHICAGO, IL (January 2, 2018) – Dominique Gilliard’s first book, Rethinking Incarceration: Advocating for Justice That Restores, already is receiving accolades—and it hasn’t even been released.

Gilliard is the ECC director of racial righteous and reconciliation. The book is scheduled to be released in February.

Publishers Weekly, which is the biggest trade publication for bookstores and libraries, has given it a starred review for being exceptional and groundbreaking. The publication covers about 10,000 books a year and rarely gives starred reviews.

A spokesperson for the book’s publisher, InterVarsity Press, said the company receives just one or two each year.

The reviewer states that Rethinking Incarceration “builds on the work of Michelle Alexander (The New Jim Crow), Bryan Stevenson (Just Mercy), and Christopher D. Marshall (Compassionate Justice) to create a readable narrative history of racialized incarceration in the U.S. …” The reviewer adds, “This is an outstanding addition to this incredibly important conversation.”

The Englewood Review of Books last month called it one of the “30 Books For Christian Readers to Watch For in 2018!”

“I am humbled by, and exceedingly grateful for, the glowing reviews of Rethinking Incarceration,” Gilliard said. “I truly believe that the church has the power to help transform our criminal justice system. As followers of Christ, we must ask what our faith calls us to in this unprecedented era of mass incarceration. If reconciled communities are ever to become the true aim of our justice system, the church must lead the way in advocating for a system that gives opportunities for authentic rehabilitation, lasting transformation, and healthy reintegration.”

Gilliard’s tome will be one of the gift books distributed to ministers registered for this year’s Midwinter Conference.


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