Conference Chair Didn’t Expect to Do So Much Searching

BRETON, AB (November 28, 2017) – Terence Barg laughs at the suggestion that he might never want to serve on another council, board, or committee after this year. Currently he is participating in a pastoral search in his local congregation, a search for the next superintendent of the Canada Conference, and the search for the next president of the denomination.

Faith Covenant Church in Breton is searching for an associate pastor as it transitions from being staffed by a senior pastor and youth pastor to a senior pastor and associate pastor. As a longtime member of the council, Barg has helped navigate the changes.

Then two years ago, he agreed to serve on the Canada Conference Board and became its chair just a year later. “It’s not like I put my hand up for it,” he says, laughing. “Even as I said yes to being chair for the Canada Conference, I had no idea that our conference superintendent would be taking on another role.”

Then-superintendent Jeff Anderson stepped down last year to become Serve Globally’s Middle East North Africa regional coordinator.

Barg also had no idea that ECC president Gary Walter would announce his retirement, and that, as chair of the conference board, he would serve on the presidential nominating committee.

“It is a privilege to serve in those different capacities, as well as to look forward and see what each of those roles entail and what that means for the future for our local church, the conference, and the denomination,” Barg says.

“Jeff was superintendent for 20 years so that will be a big role to fill, and we know there will be changes with the new president,” he adds. “That can sometimes cause angst, but it also is exciting to see who God is leading into those positions.”

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