Church’s Racial Reconciliation Work Highlighted

New Life Covenant Church is intentional in pursuing racial reconciliation.

ATLANTA, GA (October 9, 2017) – The racial reconciliation work being led by New Life Covenant Church co-pastors Tim Rodgers and Catherine Gilliard was featured in the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

The 60-member church, located in the low-income English Avenue neighborhood, is 60 percent African American and 40 percent white. It also is diverse educationally and financially.

Rodgers, who is white, has served as pastor since 2002. He longed to help bridge racial divides in the community. Gilliard, who is African American, offered her input and became co-pastor in 2013.

Now the congregation holds quarterly meetings that bring together church members and local residents to talk and work towards racial reconciliation.

“We’re supposed to be sanctified people who are being transformed every day to become more like Christ,” Gilliard told the paper.

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