LMDJ Exploring Relief, Recovery Options for Puerto Rico Response

CHICAGO, IL (September 29, 2017) – Love Mercy Do Justice is in discussion with Covenant churches and other organizations about coordinating a response to the disaster in Puerto Rico caused by Hurricane Maria, executive minister Cecilia Williams said today.

“Monies have already been received to assist with relief efforts, and we are working to develop a comprehensive plan with partners,” Williams said. “As in all of our efforts around disaster response, we plan to be a part of the process through long-term recovery and the restoration of so many lives which have been upended by this destructive storm.”

Due to the vast devastation, many organizations have not yet been able to send people in to help with relief or get supplies already on the ground to places of most urgent need, Williams added.

Covenanters have already given to Puerto Rico recovery efforts. More information and additional opportunities for assisting in this ongoing crisis will be forthcoming. Please continue to pray for the families in urgent need of assistance during this critical time.

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