Who Are the Unsung Heroes in Your Church?

In my church growing up, kids of all ages from surrounding neighborhoods piled into the church’s twelve-passenger van every Sunday morning. The van was driven by Emily, a college student who had realized that they wanted to come to church but didn’t have a ride.

Then she discovered that they didn’t have a meal to eat after church—so the ride home began to include lunch. Emily recruited church members to help her prepare meals and drive the van. The next year, church members sponsored the kids and bought them new clothes and supplies for camp so they were able to attend church camp with their peers. Eventually Emily’s simple act of caring became a full-fledged ministry of the church with many more kids than one van could carry. Now that ministry has grown so large that most church members no longer even know how it began.

The Companion is planning to feature unsung heroes like Emily in an upcoming issue, and we want to hear from you.

Who do you see serving your community with little recognition or fanfare? Who are the faithful servants who fix what’s broken in the church or welcome visitors on Sunday? Who always can be counted on to help or do something behind the scenes that no one knows about? They might be serving the kingdom through their work in education, business, the arts, or activism.

We want to share their stories.

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Alena Logan, an English major studying creative writing at John Brown University in Arkansas, is an editorial intern with Covenant Communications. A native Kansan, she is thrilled to be experiencing a taste of big city life. She is an editor for her school’s new literary journal, Shards of Light, and editor-in-chief of a new school newspaper, The Defendant. At any given moment, she’s likely talking about the time she saw Hamilton or on her way to get more coffee.

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