Special Companion Annual Report Issue

CHICAGO, IL (June 20, 2017) – For the first time in nearly 20 years, the Covenant annual report is being hosted in the Companion the Evangelical Covenant Church’s official magazine.

Each summer, just in time for its Annual Meeting, the Evangelical Covenant Church releases a traditional annual report to highlight the accomplishments and challenges of the past year of ministry in the life of the Covenant. Typically the report is produced as a stand-alone booklet. This year we decided to mix things up and explore what it would be like to drop the annual report right in the middle of the summer issue of the Companion.

Initially we resisted the idea—after all, the Companion is about telling the stories of the church and its diversity of people and ministry. But then it occurred to us, that’s exactly what the annual report is supposed to do! So why not combine the two publications?

As we thought about it more, the potential benefits seemed to outweigh the negatives. We got excited about the prospect of presenting a broader swath of the Covenant story to readers who wouldn’t ordinarily attend the ECC’s Annual Meeting or receive the annual report.

The 2016-17 Annual Report starts on page 17, and many of the usual features of the Companion are included too. For those of you receiving the magazine at home or church, we’re thrilled to share with you new dimensions of the Covenant story. For those of you picking us up at the Annual Meeting in Detroit, thank you for giving your time and presence to help move the Covenant story forward.

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Edward is an award-winning journalist and author. Besides being the executive minister of Communication at The Evangelical Covenant Church, he is author of Birmingham Revolution: Martin Luther King Jr.’s Epic Challenge to the Church and Reconciliation Blues: A Black Evangelical’s Inside View of White Christianity. Ed’s mission, both professionally and personally, is to be a bridge-builder, bringing people together across racial, denominational, and cultural lines.

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