WebWatch: Gardening Sites

CHICAGO, IL (March 30, 2017) – Covenant missionaries Baxter and Margie Swenson retire this week. What many people don’t know is that Baxter is a master gardener. Below are some websites he suggested other gardeners should consider when seeking advice and ideas.

Dave’s Garden

DG is a very thorough and comprehensive website that covers just about everything. They have a free weekly newsletter sent to anyone who subscribes to it. Lots of pictures, how-to videos, and collaborative input from around the world.

National Gardening Association

This is another free site that is full of articles, podcasts, videos, pictures, and more information than you can imagine.

Small Town Gardener

Freelance writer and newspaper columnist Marianne Willburn is a self taught gardener with lots of experience and practical advice. Great pictures, interesting podcasts.

Fine Gardening Magazine

You can subscribe to the magazine, but the site also is filled with free articles on topics ranging from garden design to information on individual species.

Garden Guides

In addition to a plethora of gardening ideas, the site also includes videos for cooking what you grow.

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