Artisans Needed for Ordination Service Stoles

CHICAGO, IL (March 1, 2017) — Do you know a gifted textile artist who might feel called to use his or her talents to serve the denomination? The Board of the Ordered Ministry is requesting design submissions for the stoles that are vested on candidates when they are ordained or commissioned.

Every five years the Board of Ordered Ministry evaluates new designs and partners with a new artisan who designs and creates the stoles.

Stoles are appliquéd with symbols representing the service and work significant to the credentialed roles. After the candidates make their vows and receive prayer during the Service of Ordination, Commissioning, and Consecration, each candidate is individually vested with a stole by a layperson. The act represents the blessing and affirmation of the whole church, and it symbolizes that the candidate is now yoked to the church. The stoles are treasured by their recipients as a visual representation of the candidate’s lifetime vows of service.

Each submission must include three designs representing the following ministry orders: Ordination to Word and Sacrament, Ordination to Word and Service, and Commissioning. (Descriptions of each credential are posted online.)

Along with their designs, artists should also include an explanation of the meaning behind the symbols incorporated within them.

The deadline for submissions is April 3. Selected designers may be asked to provide actual stoles with their designs by May 15. The final designer will then be offered a contract to provide 55 to 85 stoles per year for a five-year period.

Detailed color drawings may be submitted to or to The Evangelical Covenant Church, c/o Paris Cager, 8303 West Higgins Road, Chicago, Illinois 60631. For more information contact (773) 583-3211 or


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