News Report Highlights Anti-Trafficking Ministry, Life of Church Member

ROCKFORD, IL (November 21, 2014) — A two-part news report by local TV station WIFR on human trafficking featured interviews with a former prostitute who is a member of First Covenant, and Genevive Dibley, leader of the church’s anti-human trafficking group the Society for the Abolition of Modern-day Slavery.

Jacqueline Henderson told the station that she had been kicked out of her home by her mother when she was 10 years old and then met a woman who got her started in prostitution. That woman sold her to a pimp.

“I thought that was my friend, she was going to take care of me, she sold me for a dime bag of coke,” Henderson said. The pimp later shot her in the head, nearly killing her.

Still it was years before she left her life on the streets and eventually discovered First Covenant Church. Dibley invited her to one of the anti-trafficking group’s meetings.

“What they were talking about, happened to me, I’m not the only one,” Henderson shared with the reporter. “Living with this all my life, I got to tell somebody, it’s got to be told.”

Dibley says, “The Society for the Abolition of Modern-day Slavery is working to bring people from ignorance to awareness about human trafficking and then from awareness to action.”

Parts one and two can be watched online.


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