End of Fiscal Year Contributions Needed

By Stan Friedman

CHICAGO, IL (January 30, 2014) – The Covenant’s fiscal year ends Friday, and congregations are asked to make sure their contributions to the denomination and regional conferences are up to date.

Contributions must be postmarked by Saturday or mailed early next week with a note included that says the contributions are for January.

“We’ve had a very significant year of ministry all over the world,” says President Gary Walter. To view the Mission and Ministry video, click here. “Expenses have been managed within budget, but it’s still going to be very tight. Every contribution is critical to breaking even, which is very important to our work.”

Walter added that those contributions included individual giving, which is also an important aspect of funding the mission.

Individual contributions can be made online here.

People wishing to mail their donations should do so by sending them to: The Evangelical Covenant Church, 8303 Higgins Road, Chicago IL 60631.

Giving to the larger mission of the church enables the regional conferences and denomination to provide greater service to everyone, Walter said Tuesday in a report to pastors at the Midwinter Conference.

“Interdependence is the biblical pattern that leads to the flourishing of all,” Walter said, noting that denomination’s name includes “Covenant” because it represents our covenant with one another as well as with God. “At our best we are all strengthened by the intertwining of our lives.”

Walter added, “Your local church is the center of all that we do. We exist to serve our churches and to unite our churches together into service.”

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