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The Perfection Heresy

The Perfection Heresy What an A.A. meeting can teach us about our expectations by Robert Rife | April 7, 2020 THE END October 2003. No amount of light could remove the darkness  that had settled inside me. I could feel [...]

Empty Churches Celebrating the Empty Tomb

Empty Churches Celebrating the Empty Tomb by Doug Bixby | April 3, 2020 The image above serves as a stark reminder of what we are all going through. It was submitted via social media during a livestream of our worship [...]

Stay With Me

Stay With Me Accepting Jesus’s Lenten Invitation to Vulnerability, Loss, and Grace by Jan Bros | March 23, 2020 On Transfiguration Sunday at Abbey Way Covenant Church in Minneapolis, where I serve as pastor, we print the word “Alleluia” in [...]

Sacred Stories

In the March/April issue of the Covenant Companion, Covenant family share the stories of their identity as indigenous people, deepening our understanding of who we are as a family of faith. Click the photos above or scroll through to read [...]

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Our Place in the Race

I sat in a room full of church staff as we mourned the loss of a young person to gun violence. One of the women present expressed that she found relief in the fact that through our ministry programs, we [...]

I Promise This One Is Worth Reading (Maybe)

Holly and I have settled into an unofficial practice that accompanies our television viewing: we often find ourselves rating the promises we see onscreen. You know on a cop show when there’s a brutal killing, and the detective assigned to [...]

Can I Be Honest?

I had that “I’m so out of touch these days” feeling recently when I learned that “tbh” in Instagram context didn’t actually mean what I thought it did. Pre-social media, when one began a statement with “to be honest,” it [...]

Choosing Stillness

Red rocks at Mt. Sinai In my role as pastor, I preach about 40 sermons a year. While I’d like to think each one is received as a riveting, indispensable moment of heavenly wisdom for life, here’s a confession: some [...]

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