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Husby Announces Retirement from CWR

CHICAGO (June 4, 2020)—For the past eleven years, as director of Covenant World Relief, David Husby served poor and marginalized people through CWR partners around the world. He will retire on June 30. “Through Dave’s leadership, CWR has become the […]

Obituary: Nancy (Kristoffersen) Dahlberg

(June 5, 2020) – Nancy (Kristoffersen) Dahlberg, wife of the late executive secretary of Covenant World Mission Raymond Dahlberg, died on May 31 in Northbrook, Illinois. She was 86. Born on June 28, 1933, in Chicago to Karl and Sigfrid […]

Obituary: Kenneth E. Wicklund

Golden Valley, Minn. (June 5, 2020) – Kenneth E. Wicklund, former missionary to DR Congo and Japan, died Wednesday, May 20. He was 96. Born February 10, 1924, to Iver and Ruth (Newquist) Wicklund in Junction City, Wisconsin, he attended […]

LMDJ to Host Solidarity Event

CHICAGO (June 4, 2020)—As the country grieves the killing of George Floyd, civil unrest, and anti-black racism the church cries out, “How long, O Lord?” In the Evangelical Covenant Church, we take seriously our call to practice solidarity with all […]

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A Raven of Hope

Covenant pastor Tim Hawkinson finds direction on an anxious, uncharted road.

The Value of Sacrifice

Covenant pastor Mike Guerrero finds Scripture coming to life in a grocery store produce aisle

Trust-filled Lament

Trust-filled Lament by Ellen Kogstad | May 4, 2020 Jesus was asked an astute question, “Lord, teach us to pray.” In this year filled with angst and fear what can we even say or pray. No words are adequate, our [...]


Pardoned How a life sentence in prison became the place of call for Smiley Parham by Stan Friedman | April 28, 2020 Fifty-year-old Oscar “Smiley” Parham was just five years old when his father had a heart attack and died [...]

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The Lord Is My Smartphone

One of the challenges every pastor has is to present God’s word in a way that is relatable to people in their everyday context. It requires the skill of cultural exegesis—learning the nuances of a culture in order to accurately […]

Our Place in the Race

I sat in a room full of church staff as we mourned the loss of a young person to gun violence. One of the women present expressed that she found relief in the fact that through our ministry programs, we [...]

I Promise This One Is Worth Reading (Maybe)

Holly and I have settled into an unofficial practice that accompanies our television viewing: we often find ourselves rating the promises we see onscreen. You know on a cop show when there’s a brutal killing, and the detective assigned to […]

Can I Be Honest?

I had that “I’m so out of touch these days” feeling recently when I learned that “tbh” in Instagram context didn’t actually mean what I thought it did. Pre-social media, when one began a statement with “to be honest,” it […]