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Remember Well the Future: Advent Reflection

Remember Well the Future Receiving Advent’s Covenant Promise by Don Johnson | December 4, 2019 Planning, leading, guiding, and preaching on Sundays is a high honor and privilege. But planning worship for the Advent and Christmas season is tricky business. [...]

The Disregarded Gift: Advent Reflection

The Disregarded Gift With all our focus on Christmas, does the manger still catch us unaware? by Leeann Younger | December 2, 2019 Tanya’s life is littered with loss. To the untrained eye the ravages of urban poverty, her battle [...]

5 Minutes with David Stockamp: Training Pastors in DR Congo

David Stockamp arrived in the Democratic Republic of the Congo 40 years ago as a missionary and minister in the Bible institute of the Covenant Church of Congo (CEUM). The CEUM operates in northwest DR Congo, an area approximately the […]

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Lift Jesus Up, Carefully, Please

Breaking away from the pack to do something different can produce obvious benefits, but there can also be unintended consequences. In the Hamilton showstopper “The Room Where It Happens,” the titular hero lectures his frenemy Aaron Burr, “When you got […]

Seeking Truth

The opening lines of the HBO miniseries Chernobyl, released earlier this summer, set the stage for its depiction of the USSR’s handling of the world’s most destructive nuclear accident: “What is the cost of lies? It’s not that we’ll mistake […]

An Oregonian Lament

Despite living in Portland, I do not consider myself a true Oregonian. This is partially because I understand our history, and I’ll likely never truly feel at home in a state intentionally founded to exclude black people. But also Oregon […]

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