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The Day I’ll Never Forget

The Day I’ll Never Forget How the trauma of 9/11 brought me to a new awakening by Michelle Sanchez as told to Erin Chan Ding | September 10, 2019 A decade and a half before Michelle Sanchez began serving as [...]

Opportunities Plentiful for Churches to Reach Boomers

Opportunities Plentiful for Churches to Reach Boomers by Stan Friedman | August 23, 2019 Churches are missing crucial opportunities to evangelize and disciple baby boomers, who make up nearly 20 percent of the population and are eager to make a [...]

Reconciling with the Earth: Audubon Covenant Church

Reconciling with the Earth: Audubon Covenant Church by Jordan Cone | August 20, 2019 A swarm of bicycles wind their way through the Florida neighborhood surrounding Audubon Covenant Church, toting an assortment of gardening tools. The cyclists are volunteers with [...]

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An Oregonian Lament

Despite living in Portland, I do not consider myself a true Oregonian. This is partially because I understand our history, and I’ll likely never truly feel at home in a state intentionally founded to exclude black people. But also Oregon […]

Becoming Enough

“Enough” is not a word that typically inspires. Perhaps we’ve had enough of something negative—“enough already.” Or maybe we’ve reached the minimum threshold of something positive—“good enough.” But when is something, or someone, simply enough? Prior to entering vocational ministry, […]

Trading Office Plants for Sand Castles

In the latest chapter of my ministry journey, I’m now in the beginning stages of trying to plant a church. The existing congregation I serve is not capable of growing into the kind of diverse, welcoming, multigenerational church it wants […]

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What Goes Around Comes Around for Covenant Church

MOUNTAIN RANCH, CA (September 13, 2019) – The community of Mountain Ranch returned a $10,000 favor to San Andreas Community Covenant Church. The town’s baseball field was destroyed during the massive Butte Fire in 2015 when the Fed-eral Emergency Management […]

Record Enrollment for Alaska Christian College

SOLDOTNA, AK (September 4, 2019) – A record enrollment of 105 students started classes at Alaska Christian College when the fall semester began last month, says Eric Johnson, vice president of advancement. The previous record was set last year when […]