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A Call in the Wild

A Call in the Wild Meeting God in the loneliness by Mike Coglan | April 16, 2019 I crave peak spiritual experiences. But I’ve found that even for a pastor, most of life takes place in the long valleys between the [...]

Back to Where We Once Belonged

Back To Where We Once Belonged How a trip to Colombia became a journey toward understanding identity and God’s true call. by Cheryl Lynn Cain | April 15, 2019 As a first generation Colombian American growing up in the suburbs, [...]

The Good News of Taco Tuesday

If all we hope for after we die is to live as disembodied souls floating in the clouds as part of a heavenly choir, I’m just not interested. I love pizza way too much to ever believe in that kind of eternal destiny. I love apple crisp way too much to even entertain the idea that heaven would deprive me of what is so wonderful and pleasurable about being an embodied person. I’m holding out for a resurrected body with taste buds intact.

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Society as Shipwreck

The Stranger in the Woods left me with questions and connections that made this random purchase in an airport bookstore worth it. So take it from this stranger—this extraordinary book can speak to your life. And remember, the ways of God are often strange.

Seek the Giver, Not the GIFs

A familiar social media ritual happens in my Facebook feed every day. Someone will post a clickbait headline designed to shock, surprise, or inflame. Then people post their reactions. Many times those reactions, instead of being written comments or emojis, […]

Found Moments: Presence at the Pump

Through practice, I’ve learned to use those very moments as markers to look for God’s presence. I’ve added “found moments” to the spiritual practices I pursue, and they have become as important to my spiritual health and connection with God as planned times of prayer, silence, or reading Scripture. The difference is that I don’t put them on my schedule—I let the Holy Spirit remind me to find the time throughout my day.

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