Board Members Elected

Parliamentarian Jonathan Wilson, moderator Sam Chang, vice-moderator Nancy Lewis

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (June 23, 2018) — Delegates elected new members to various boards with results announced during today’s afternoon’s business session of the 133rd Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Covenant Church.

Executive Board
Scott T. Dennis (6 years)
Diane Trujillo Leavitt (6 years)
Julie A. Persson (6 years)
Vicky (Victoria) J. Reier  (6 years)
David Holder (3 years)

Board of Nominations
James A. Fretheim (5 years)
Meghan A. K. Johnson (5 years)
Theodore B. Law (5 years)
Juana I. Nesta (5 years)
Julia D. Sandstrom (5 years)

Board of the Ordered Ministry  
Sharon R. Anderson (5 years)
Randall E. Friesen (5 years)
Terrance S. Woodson (5 years)

Board of Pensions and Benefits
Rachel E. Burke  (5 years)
Jim Stanley‐Erickson (5 years)

Board of Benevolence
Hilary Applequist (6 years)
Kristen M. Brown (6 years)
Sixto Michael Carrion (6 years)
Karen A. Rydell (6 years)

Board of Trustees of North Park University
Gregory E. Crawford (5 years)
Gail Dahlstrom (5 years)
Peter C. Nelson   (5 years)

Annual Meeting Officers for 2018 and 2019
Weston W. Gibson, (2 years) Vice-Moderator
Jonathan M. Wilson, (2 years) Moderator

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