Glenn Peterson Nominated to be Next Canada Conference Superintendent

CHICAGO, IL (January 24, 2018) — President Gary Walter announced Tuesday that Glenn Peterson is the new nominee to be the next superintendent of the Canada Conference. Walter made the announcement during his report to ministers gathered at the Midwinter Conference.

In his remarks, Peterson evoked laughter from the gathering at the Midwinter Conference when he quipped, “I realize that it might be a mistake in my first public act to actually correct the president of the Covenant. I was thrilled this week to receive the nomination as president of the Covenant in Canada – a country so big that it needs both a president and a superintendent in the same person.”

Because the conference is formed outside the United States it also is the Covenant Church of Canada, which legally requires its own president.

“I’m humbled, I’m honored, and I’m thankful to be given the opportunity to continue what has been a life-nurturing, life-giving work of supporting the Covenant, its churches and the people of Canada.”

Terence Barg, chair of the search committee, said, “We are grateful to all those who provided input and upheld the process in prayer and are confident of God’s calling on Glenn at this time to lead the conference forward in its mission.”

The conference must vote on Peterson’s nomination at its Annual Meeting in May, and he will be installed at the Covenant’s Annual Meeting in June.

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