Five for Friday: Rent a Fishy Friend, Better than Chocolate, Generous Corgi

CHICAGO, IL (September 8, 2017) — Covenanters routinely share links to social media articles and videos that Covenant News Service believes may be of interest to others. Each Friday we post five of them. Following is a sample of those submissions—their inclusion does not represent an endorsement by the Covenant of any views expressed.

These past several weeks have been filled with disaster-related news. We hope this Five for Friday will make you smile. It’s good for you.

Lonely Guests Can Rent a Goldfish at this Hotel

One Belgian airport hotel recognized that international travel can get long and lonely. So for the equivalent of roughly four dollars, guests can rent a pet goldfish. There is no option to keep the fish if you can toss a ping pong ball into the bowl, however.

From the article: “The idea was to surprise our guests, as we always try to do,” hotel manager David Dillen told The Independent. “It’s brilliant to see how people react to it. They smile, they take pictures to put on social media. We rent a few fish per week.”

Best New College Tradition

From the article: “The wave is cool again. But not just any wave. The ones done anywhere but the University of Iowa’s Kinnick Stadium are still lame. What makes the new edition of the wave that broke out Saturday so very, very cool is that fans, in the middle of the game, turned and waved at kids in the university’s new Stead Family Children’s Hospital, which happens to overlook the stadium.”

Who Writes the Clever Road Warnings That Appear over Utah’s Highways?

The Utah Department of Transportation figured that the serious warnings to buckle up or stop texting aren’t enough to change people’s dangerous driving habits. So they have turned to comedy.

From the article: “On the Fourth of July, drivers on Utah’s freeways were treated to the reminder, ‘You’re not a firework; don’t drive lit.’ On Pioneer Day, they were told, ‘If yer eyes are saggin’, pull over yer wagon.’”

One Thing Makes You as Happy as 2,000 Chocolate Bars

Doing this one thing also has no calories. Besides, who would really feel happy after eating 2,000 chocolate bars?

From the article: “Smiling is also a predictor of longevity. In a 2010 study out of Wayne State University, researchers looked at Major League baseball card photos from 1952. They found that the span of a player’s smile actually predicted his lifespan—unsmiling players lived 72.9 years on average, while beaming players lived a full seven years longer.”

Corgi Tries to Share Bone with His Reflection

Now isn’t watching this better than eating 2,000 chocolate bars?

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