A Call to Prayer From Supt. Mark Stromberg

Photo: Ginny Olson

Dear Friends in Christ,

We have been shocked and saddened by the recent explosion and loss of life at our beloved school, Minnehaha Academy.

We especially grieve with the loved ones of Ruth Berg and John Carlson in their deaths as a result of the blast. We also remain concerned about those who have been injured and others traumatized by what they either experienced or witnessed.

As such, we are calling our Covenant churches to pray for Minnehaha Academy this Sunday, August 6. Would you please include the school, its leaders and the Northwest Conference in your prayer time?

May God redeem even this for His glory and our good.

Sincerely in Christ,

Mark R. Stromberg

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  1. Tearful prayers shared in our church this morning. This is so sad to think about and our hearts are broken for this school community and the families of those who were lost.

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