Big Q: When Did You First Feel Like an Adult?

By Alena Logan

Before my senior year of college, I left home to work for the summer. I drove twelve hours by myself to live with a host I hadn’t met, to work in a city I didn’t know. The Sunday morning I left, I remember thinking that I didn’t feel like just “a big kid” anymore. As the oldest child, I was used to doing things first and being independent. But this time was different.

Twelve hours in the car by yourself is enough to make you feel like you’re really on your own. When I pulled into the suburban neighborhood that was to be my new home, my parents weren’t there to make introductions or to help me find my new workplace. They weren’t there to make sure I’d stopped for dinner on my drive or to help me unpack my car. For the first time, I felt like an adult.

Maybe it was when your first child was born or you purchased your first car. Maybe it was when you realized that your parents weren’t superhuman or you got your first job. The Companion wants to hear the story of when you first felt like an adult. Comment below or email

Alena Logan is an editorial intern with the Department of Communications.

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