Church’s Helmet Sunday a Show of Support for Member

Congregation members showed their support for Sara Durand (fourth from left).

By Alena Logan

MILWAUKEE, WI (June 18, 2017) – Members of Milwaukee Evangelical Covenant Church (MECC) recently showed support to lifelong member Sara Durand by hosting Helmet Sunday.

Earlier in the year, caregivers decided that wearing a helmet could help Durand avoid head injury in case of falls. In a show of solidarity, Pastor Mike DeLong announced that Sunday, June 11, would be Helmet Sunday.

Sixteen members at MECC joined Durand in wearing bike helmets for the entirety of the service, including DeLong, who wore his helmet at the pulpit. Although Durand no longer is able to speak, her smile showed the congregation and fellow helmet-wearers that she felt loved and encouraged, said member Beth Fredrickson.

Alena Logan is an editorial intern with Covenant Communications

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