Impact and Be Impacted During Detroit Mission Opportunity

DETROIT, MI (May 19, 2017) – “We’ve had a lot of Covenant churches come to serve in our neighborhood, and every church is surprised by the kindness and people of Detroit,” says Semmeal Thomas, pastor of City Covenant Church. “They come to have an impact on us, but they leave the most impacted.”

City Covenant Church is located in the Brightmoor neighborhood, one of the ministry sites for Impact Detroit, the pre-Gather mission opportunity scheduled for June 20-22. The registration deadline for Impact Detroit is June 13.

Teams at the Brightmoor site will have the opportunity to help with a medical/dental clinic, help children with a lego city VBS for children, clean and restore a local park, as well as pray with residents. Much of the ministry will be done during a community fest sponsored by the church.

City Covenant Church was planted nearly 10 years ago and has developed deep relationships with people in the community, Thomas said. “We are a challenged community, but we are living Acts 2. We have gone door to door and broken bread with people. We have received favor in the community.”

The neighborhood is “fertile ground” for evangelism, Thomas says. People have come to Christ through the church ministry almost every month since it was planted, he adds.

Semmeal Thomas

Thomas hopes churches that haven’t decided whether to attend Impact Detroit will view it as a mission trip. He adds that it can also be a great opportunity for churches to bring non-Christian friends who want to serve others.

“They will get to see Christians loving others and experience that love themselves,” Thomas says.

Other Impact Detroit opportunities include a guided retreat at a local retreat center, workshops on church planting, and leadership development. For more information visit the Impact Detroit website.

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