Weidler Announces Retirement from KICY

NOME, ALASKA (April 6, 2017) — KICY radio, a ministry of Alaska Conference, shares the gospel around the world, but in 1999 it reached only a handful of villages. It also was roughly $1 million in debt and in danger of closing.

That’s when the conference and the ECC asked Dennis Weidler to consider taking the job as the station’s general manager. At the time Weidler lived in Kalamazoo, Michigan, where he had his own advertising business and a studio where he did voice-overs for major clients such as Coca-Cola. It would seem ridiculous to make the switch. But he and his wife, Candace, agreed to at least go and see the work.

While they were impressed with the people they met in Nome, the couple figured they would not take the job. It was, after all, a community of only 3,500 people and 550 miles from the nearest road system.

But as they prayed about it in the coming days, the Weidlers realized their hearts were still back in Nome with the people they had met. Their kindness and commitment to the gospel sold Dennis. So did Candace, who told him that if he didn’t take the position he would be disobeying God.

“You can’t argue with that,” he says.

Next month, Dennis will retire and leave behind a station that has been transformed during the 18 years he has been there. In that time, KICY has gone from broadcasting with a low-power signal that reached a small radius to broadcasting with a 50,000-watt Clear Channel signal throughout a vast portion of Alaska and in far east of Russia in the Russian language. People around the world can listen via the internet to the AM and FM broadcasts. The station also paid off its debt and is financially stable.

“It has been a wonderful, blessed journey,” Dennis says. “We are leaving with a great deal more than we brought.”

Conference superintendent Curtis Ivanoff says, “Dennis’s energy, vision, and can-do spirit, coupled with his belief that radio can effectively serve to encourage and edify the body of Christ, has helped to guide KICY to a season of fruitfulness. We thank God for the Weidlers and the gift they have been to the body of Christ and the ministry of the Evangelical Covenant Church in Alaska.”

“Dennis was the right person at the right time for the Arctic Broadcasting Association—which operates KICY and the radio station,” says Rob Hall, vice president of real-estate services for National Covenant Properties and who previously served as a board member of ABA and continues to serve as an adviser. “His strong but quiet leadership style helped to further stabilize the station and staff after a very tumultuous time. He will be missed, but his contributions will ensure that radio station KICY will live on for years to come.”

Hall adds that while Dennis’s visionary leadership was key to the station’s turnaround, his other gifts also were crucial. “He is an excellent engineer and fundraiser, but probably his biggest gift is his servant heart. He served not only the radio station, but also Nome Covenant Church, the community of Nome, and countless churches and communities throughout Western Alaska. Dennis is the epitome of a humble, obedient follower of Christ.”

The Weidlers will move to Homer, Alaska, which does have roads. Among other things, Dennis expects to set up a studio in his basement and build up his voice-over business again. He also expects to continue to search in new ministry opportunities.



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Stan Friedman

Stan Friedman is the news and online editor for the Covenant Companion and is grateful for the opportunity to serve in a job that combines his newspaper and pastoral ministry experience. He has been to 15 Bruce Springsteen concerts in four cities and listened to “Thunder Road” an average of at least once a day for 41 years.

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  1. Dennis and Candace have done a wonderful job at KICY! I have been proud to be associated with them during their tenure in Nome, and remain committed to seeing the fruitful work of their Russian broadcasting into Chukotka! Daniel Johnson, Christian Radio for Russia/New Life Radio-Moscow

  2. Praising God for your long/strong ministry at KICY. What a blessing to Alaska, the Covenant and far beyond!! We so appreciate the wisdom, courage and skill with which you guided the station. May you continue to discern God’s direction, with wisdom and understanding that the Spirit gives. Enjoy the years ahead to the fullest.

  3. God only knows all the miracles that have occurred in the hearts of people through KICY over the last 18 years. Dennis was a courageous, wise and gifted leader. God’s hand was and is upon him. Richest of blessings to Dennis and Candace in their new life adventure!

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