CBE, a Way to Carry Forward Triennial Experience

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CHICAGO, IL (August 31, 2016) — The recent Triennial XV held last month in Kansas City, Missouri, was yet another reminder of people’s God-given longing for connection and community, said Meagan Gillan, director of women ministries. She added that it’s important for participants to find ways to build on the positive experiences from the event.

“Women were linking in meaningful ways—over meals, in hallways, late at night, early in the morning, in worship, during CovTalks, and in unintended serendipitous moments that were God-driven and Spirit-ordained,” Gillan said.

Gillan suggested ways she hopes women will continue to live out that connectedness.

“It makes sense that we are calling women to gather around God’s word this year through the Covenant Community Bible Experience,” Gillan said. “As we read the Bible together, God comes with his Spirit and with truth, and when that’s mingled with the presence of Jesus in those with whom we gather, we learn and develop and take giant leaps of growth as believers.”

The CBE website features numerous ideas to help people engage, she noted.


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