Delegates Affirm Resolution of Sympathy

CHICAGO, IL (June 28, 2014) — Delegates attending the 129th Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Covenant Church approved a Resolution of Sympathy to honor the lives and ministries of Covenant pastors, missionaries, and spouses who went to be with the Lord during the past year.

The resolution with the names reads as follows:

We praise God for the following partners in ministry whom God called to himself since we met. Their names will be shared in remembrance and gratitude at the Ordination, Commissioning, and Consecration Worship Service.

RESOLVED, that the 129th Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Covenant Church express its sympathy to the families of the Covenant pastors, missionaries, and pastors’ spouses who have gone to be with the Lord, and that those families be presented with a program of the Worship Service in which a prayer of remembrance and thanksgiving will be given for their lives and ministry.

Since the last Annual Meeting, we have been notified that the following Covenant pastors, missionaries, and pastors’ spouses have died:


  • Robert M. Dahl, March 16, 2009, New Brighton, Minnesota
  • Richard W. Carlson, July 27, 2013, Oak Park, Illinois
  • Jerome M. Engseth, August 4, 2013, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Fred Marley, August 26, 2013, Seattle, Washington
  • Karen M. Hearl, September 2, 2013, Lincoln, California
  • Eldon H. Johnson, September 4, 2013, Bemus Point, New York
  • Sherwood C. Carthen, September 25, 2013, Elk Grove, California
  • Arthur W. Anderson, September 28, 2013, Lee’s Summit, Missouri
  • Earl M. VanDerVeer, November 22, 2013, Mercer Island, Washington
  • John C. Wilkens, December 21, 2013, Mount Vernon, Washington
  • Richard C. Brookes, December 23, 2013, Cambridge, New York
  • Robert Dawson, January 19, 2014, Nashville, Tennessee
  • David A. McDowell, February 1, 2014, Ellsworth, Wisconsin
  • David O. Bowden, February 11, 2014, Greensboro, North Carolina
  • Dawn Mortimer, March 27, 2014, Chicago, Illinois
  • William L. Waters, April 12, 2014, San Jose, California
  • Alton W. Peterson, May 5, 2014, Spring Valley, California
  • Gary W. Downing, June 15, 2014, Minneapolis, Minnesota


  • Carl Edstrom, January 9, 2014, Northbrook, Illinois
  • Alfred S. White, March 9, 2014, Mercer Island, Washington
  • Ruth S. Barram, April 12, 2014, Parkston, South Dakota
  • Gladys D. White, May 14, 2014, Mercer Island, Washington
  • Russell E. Camp, May 17, 2014, Spring Valley, California
  • Helen (Peterson) Yepez, May 19, 2014, Ibarra, Ecuador


  • Marion V. Franklin (Theodore), June 6, 2013, Kankakee, Illinois
  • Dorothy J. Train (Edmund), July 11, 2013, Northbrook, Illinois
  • Marie Mays (William), July 28, 2013, Spring Valley, California
  • Marion Newton (Edward), August 7, 2013, Damascus, Oregon
  • Virginia Mae Glucklich (Walter), October 26, 2013, Citrus Heights, California
  • Marjorie Anderson (C. Reuben), November 1, 2013, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Patricia Olson (Frederick), November 9, 2013, Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Clarice Stark (Wayne), December 19, 2013, Turlock, California
  • Rachael Dawson (Robert), January 22, 2014, Nashville, Tennessee
  • Virginia O. Anderson (Leonard), January 23, 2014, Forest Lake, Minnesota
  • Margaret Swanson (Milton), January 23, 2014, Des Moines, Iowa
  • Joyce Lundell (Kenneth), March 31, 2014, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Virginia R. Johnson (Alden), March 12, 2014, Jamaica Plains, Massachusetts
  • Gary Pierce (Sally), April 26, 2014, Batavia, Illinois


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