San Diego Covenant Churches So Far Spared from Fires

By Stan Friedman

SAN DIEGO, CA (May 15, 2014) — The wildfires that have broken out in the San Diego area the past two days have so far not directly affected any of the Evangelical Covenant Churches in the area, Jim Engwall, estates planning officer for Mount Miguel Covenant Village, said this morning.

As of this morning, nine fires in San Diego County had burned more than 9,000 acres and destroyed at least 25 residences, according to local officials.

Engwall lives in Vista, where he also attends Oak Hills Covenant Church. Both are four miles west of the huge San Marcos fire. “However, none of our church members’ homes have thus far been affected.”

Fire engine companies from hundreds of miles away are assisting local firefighters. “Hearing sirens in the middle of the night is becoming routine,” Engwall said.

The fires have been fed by dry, unseasonably hot temperatures that have reached 100 degrees and 15 to 23 mile per hour winds. Today is expected to be the worst for the week with highs of up to 106 degrees.

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