Military Chaplains’ Call of Duty Gallery

  • Navy Lt. David Kim leads dignified transfer of remains of Lance Cpl. John Farias from FOB in Helmland Province.

  • Navy Lt. David Kim talks with an Afghani father about how his daughter will travel to the U.S. for an eye operation.

  • Lance Cpl. John Farias is on patrol two days before being killed.

  • Army Maj. John Grauer, Navy Lt. Cmdr. Frank Riley, and Army Maj. Mark Nakazano

  • Army Major John Grauer

  • Army Chaplain Major John Grauer FOB chapel

  • David "Doc" Almazan and Salina Jimenez

  • Navy Lt. David Kim offers communion at Patrol Base in Helmland Province.

  • Navy Lt. David Kim prays over remains of Marines taken by helicopter from FOB in Helmland Province

  • Navy Lt. David Kim meets flag-draped coffin at Dover Air Force Base.

  • Caskets arrive at Dover Airforce Base.

  • Navy Lt. David Kim speaks at a memorial service for Sgt. Maj. Adan Gonzales, Sgt. Major Joshua Robinson, and Daniel Patron

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  1. Thank you, Lord, for our chaplains! We are proud of them, and pray for the difficult ministry they carry out.

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