Africa Consultation Photo Gallery

  • 100_1690-  group mtg [800x600]

    Group meeting

  • 100_1719-- CEUMA presentation [800x600]

    CEUM presentation

  • 100_1733 Tayeye reading [800x600]

    Tayeye reading

  • 100_1863- Langandi holding little girl [800x600]

    Langandi holding little girl

  • attentive participants [800x600]

    Attentive participants

  • Dennis Tongoi & Jeff Sikabwe [800x600]

    Dennis Tongoi & Jeff Sikabwe

  • Dennis Tongoi- speaker [800x600]

    Dennis Tongoi- speaker

  • Frank Tuan addressing the group [800x600]

    Frank Tuan addressing group

  • Kimy presenting [800x600]

    Kimy presenting

  • praying for Masha McDonald [800x600]

    Praying for Masha McDonald

  • Simon speaking w Jeff [800x600]

    Simon speaking with Jeff

  • Simon, Curt & Dennis in discussion [800x600]

    Simon, Curt & Dennis

  • sm group- Kenyans [800x600]

    Kenyan small group discussion

  • sm group- S Sudanese [800x600]

    Sudanese small group

  • SS kids song [800x600]

    Sunday School singing group

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