Singing Those Worship Leader Blues


Prelude: A Photo Essay from Redwood Covenant Church

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Covenanters Challenge Graham Comments

standard Covenanters Challenge Graham Comments

OAKLAND, CA (MARCH 26, 2015) – Four Covenanters, including former Pacific Southwest Conference Superintendent Efrem Smith, were among the authors of an open letter that takes Franklin Graham to task for a widely read recent blog post in which he […]

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Singing Those Worship Leader Blues

standard Singing Those Worship Leader Blues

I love music. It’s a wonderful gift, and as both a listener and a musician, I take it very personally. But sometimes the things we love most can also cause our deepest pain. Lately I’ve noticed a sense of resignation […]

Big Q - Wanted: The Ideal Commencement Speaker

standard Big Q – Wanted: The Ideal Commencement Speaker

CHICAGO, IL (March 18, 2015) – With March half over, spring really is almost here. There’s the promise of warmer temperatures, leaves on the trees, and green grass. But there probably are few people happier than graduating college and university […]

Worship Wise

standard Worship Wise

The Companion asked a handful of worship leaders and members of the Commission on Worship to share their thoughts on Covenant worship – how they plan, whether we should have a new hymnal, and how they see worship changing in […]

Prelude: A Photo Essay of Redwood Covenant Church

gallery Prelude: A Photo Essay of Redwood Covenant Church

For the ministry team at Redwood Covenant Church, worship begins long before the opening prayer.   Words by Matt Nightingale, photos by Nicole Hoefer It’s all worship. I know it’s clichéd to say this, but many people still equate music with worship. […]

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Review: Telling the Truth

standard Review: Telling the Truth

I served a church where we regularly confessed our sins in unison readings or responsively, followed by words of assurance from one of the pastors. After several months a friend came up to me concerned that always having to confess […]

Review: A Questioning Faith

standard Review: A Questioning Faith

For fans of Marilynne Robinson’s fiction (and they are legion), the rural Iowa town of Gilead in the 1950s has become a familiar and cherished landscape for her captivating stories of faith and human nature. In Gilead, the story of […]

FlickPicks: Missions

standard FlickPicks: Missions

This year Friends of World Mission celebrates fifty years of support for global ministry projects, so we asked a few Covenant leaders to share their favorite films on missions. A few of their recommendations: The Inn of the Sixth Happiness […]

Expressions | Rise: Dream City

standard Expressions | Rise: Dream City

Rise: Dream City Tim Anderson, Ink (markers) on paper, 9″ x 11″ The word graffiti comes from the Italian graffiato, which means “scratched.” Early inscriptions and images were often scratched onto the surface of stone walls—communicating stories and sometimes giving […]

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Bobby Gruenewald: It’s Your Serve

standard Bobby Gruenewald: It’s Your Serve

My first desk at LifeChurch.tv was an old door balanced on cinder blocks. I shared an office that was tucked away in a dark corner of the building. Just starting out in ministry, I was 24 years old.

Voices: Dear Young Worship Leader

standard Voices: Dear Young Worship Leader

LAKEBAY, WA (March 10, 2015) — Dan Whitmarsh is pastor at Lakebay Community Church in Lakebay, Washington. This article was recently published on the Worship Connect blog. We recently had a worship intern from a local Christian college. Here are […]

Voices: A Wake-up Call — Children and the Church

standard Voices: A Wake-up Call — Children and the Church

MEDELLÍN, COLOMBIA (March 5, 2015) — Katie and Julio Isaza are Covenant project missionaries helping with local church planting and leadership development. This article, written by Katie, was recently posted on the couple’s blog. By Katie Isaza He called a […]