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‘We Need to Lead and Love Like Jesus’

Last month, John Wenrich was nominated to stand for election as president of the Evangelical Covenant Church at the Covenant’s Annual Meeting in June. Wenrich, 56, is currently the executive minister of the Start and Strengthen Churches mission priority. […]

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Sacramento, California: Journey to Friendship

The first time we met Hassan he said to us, “In Sha’ Allah (God willing) some day we can go back to Syria.” It was November 10, 2016, and my husband, Alex, and I had entered the address into our GPS and followed the instructions to Hassan’s family’s home in Sacramento. […]

Sacramento, California: Safe Arrival

Two volunteers, one a college student, the other a small business owner, accompany me on one of the church’s twenty-five-passenger buses to make a late-night trek to Sacramento International Airport. […]

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Whatever Happened to Pietism?

In their wonderful new book, The Pietist Option, Covenanters Mark Pattie and Chris Gehrz frequently cite Dale Brown, a major historian of the Pietist movement. […]